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Situations are being dumb and it’s forcing me to only have access to the nets (and, y’know, my room, my stuff, my space, my fukken *life*) on the weekends. And situations got dumber so that ability my even be hindered. The nets where I’m staying in Columbus during the week for my new job got hijacked and the others who live there didn’t care ‘cuz they can tether their phones when they need to nets. I can tether my phone but for some reason it won’t handle anything Google nor tumblr. It’s frankly driving me rather insane.

I need my nets. Nets good. Desk good. Music and speakers good. Closet… not as good. Strange people over constantly not so good. Berry want freedom.

Hopefully tomorrow I can get the ball rolling on the insurance moners thing and get that to go through. Then I can into car maybe??? Acquire vehicle, no more issue.

Le sigh.

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